Play with AR apps

There are lots of sites where you can play with augmented reality. Here are just a few.

Have fun at Talking Dog Studios website called Faceball where you can put your head on an AR marker, talk and watch your other head do the same. No download necessary, just click to allow the use of your webcam. [Faceball Experiment]

York University with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage has created the augmented reality [ Toronto Museum Project] After downloading the marker and using your webcam you can experience the Handheld City. A link on this page also will send you to the code for the project. When you download their code you can make your own handheld city.

For the movie District 9 an augmented reality training site was created [ Multinational Training Simulation] where you can train your creature or soldier avatar.

Experience wind and solar energy in [ GE Plug into the Smart Grid Augmented Reality]

Become Ironman in [ Iron Man 2 Augmented Reality Experience]

Go through Cadet Orientation, set a course and take command in [ Star Trek Enterprise AR]

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